Accessibility Related Conferences and Conventions

Photo: speaker at a conference Earlier this month, I was asked for some information about accessibility related conferences and conventions. When I started to make a list, it occurred to me that there were a lot more events than even I realized. Finally, via twitter, I was asked if I could share my list.

Of course!

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Throwing down the gauntlet

Photo: Medieval GauntletI want to issue a challenge to a group of professionals, some who I know personally, and others only by reputation, but all that I respect and admire, and also with whom I share something in common. This post is directed to Jeffrey Zeldman – An Event Apart, John Allsopp – Web Directions, PPK (Peter Paul Koch) – Mobilism, Andy Budd & Jeremy Keith – dConstruct, and Doug Sheppers – W3Conf. And what we share in common is that we organize web conferences.


Techno – ThankYou

Photo: Anthony Foliot My brother Anthony is, well, a character. He’s lived in Yellowknife, NWT for over 30 years now, and he’s fairly famous in those parts. Despite his rather gruff exterior, he is an extremely gifted, artistic man who has never abandoned the sheer joy of childhood. He is, and remains, a kid at heart.

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Consequences and the Mozilla announcement

Photo: Brendan EichsI have very mixed feelings about the Mozilla announcement today. I’m sure that Mr. Eich is a nice enough guy in person, and smart enough to be respectful of everyone he encounters face-to-face, regardless of their sexual orientation or personal relationships. And yet still…

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CSUN For Newbies

Photo: CSUN Registration desk The 29th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference (aka CSUN) is just around the corner. CSUN is an investment and planning for success will maximize that investment – arrive with a plan of what you want to learn and take away from CSUN. As you plan your week, consider the following tips I’ve collected from years past.


CSUN 2014 Hackathon

Hackathon, Saturday March 22, 2014 - CSUN

UPDATE: The hackathon will be held in La Jolla A, and starts at noon Saturday until…

The details are still fluid, but the idea is this: ARIA is here (cue the cheering), but working devs still need to deal with backward compatibility – what works where, and what doesn’t work where? And so that is/was the germ of the idea. What we are setting out to do is to create that gnarly database (as a SQL db – and as granular as possible), collect (or write) appropriate tests against the ARIA specification, get them into a location where users can test and report, and then crowd-source the testing and reporting.


The 12 Days Of Christmas Music – The 2013 Edition

Santa At The Computer It’s been said that Christmas is about traditions, and at this time of year I am very big on tradition: the tree, the madness of the shopping mall (I actually enjoy it), and of course the music. But playing “Do They Know It’s Christmas” non-stop for 20 days is not a tradition, it’s simply annoying. Two years ago, I posted my original “The 12 Days Of Christmas”, and last year’s 2013 edition started what I hoped would be something of my own tradition on this blog. This years edition makes it official.

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