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Recently I’ve come under attack (sometimes viscously and personally) for daring to suggest that “fail” when writing HTML5 should have catastrophic consequences. The most recent incident involves my exploration of what should constitute appropriate (and now mandatory) fallback content for the <canvas> element. Brushing aside the personal attacks by small and narrow minds, I’d like to explore and expand upon my position a bit further.


Thoughts towards an accessible canvas

How can we ensure that the canvas element is at the very least user-friendly to those who may never actually be able to consume the author envisioned content of <canvas>? I propose a ‘block’ of 5 attributes – 2 mandatory and 3 optional – that constitutes the fallback.


Sticks and stones can break my bones…

I’ve long believed that when your adversaries cannot attack your position, they attack your character.


Dusting off the Blog

A long ways back I set up this WordPress blog, but after a few postings it sort of just languished. I had other, more pressing concerns like packing up my life and re-locating to California, and, well, I just sort of fell out of the habit. It’s not that I don’t write – on the […]

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