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I often wonder if Bootsy and George were there…

I saw Thomas live in Montreal, at the Spectrum (circa 1984). I dare you to stay still and not move… (Salut a Diane Boyer!) Related PostsTechno – ThankYou Consequences and the Mozilla announcement CSUN For Newbies

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Standards Are Not Just Stuff and Nonesense

While HTML5’s generals play with toy soldiers, designers and developers who just want the war to be over, get on with the fight by speaking about, writing about, teaching and using HTML5. Andy Clarke

Standards are more than just specifications. Standards are translated into numerous languages, printed with actual paper & ink in books (which are sold in shops, stored in libraries and used as teaching materials in schools), combed over by legal folk, management folk, and other stake holders who might not know a CSS child-element from a JSON call, but they do know what ‘broken’ means.