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Johnny Otis and Etta James – R.I.P.

It was a sad week for fans of old school R&B, as we lost 2 titans of the genre. The passing of Etta James on Friday (January 20, 2012) was duly noted in most of the main-stream media, but somewhat lost was the equally sad news of Johnny Otis’ passing 3 days earlier (January 17, 2011). What many may not realize is that it was Johnny Otis who discovered and promoted Etta James at the beginning of her career, and without Johnny we may never have had Etta.

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Accessible HTML5 Forms – Required Inputs

HTML5 has added a number of new element attributes, including 12 attributes used when creating forms. These Common input element attributes include 2 new Boolean attributes, the required attribute and the readonly attribute. Recently a number of current browsers have implemented native support for the ‘required’ attribute, and so I thought it woulde be useful to examine this attribute in more detail.