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HTTP Error Codes (and what they mean)

Web servers will use the following Error Codes when something goes awry. Knowing what they mean enables you to fix the problem, or create custom error pages.

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Adding a New Category – Archive

I have added a new category to the ‘ol blog: Archive. None of it is new, and most of it will be archived material that was either previously posted at or has been kicking around my Hard Drive for a number of years.

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CSUN 2012 Recap

It is Saturday morning (afternoon by the time I finish), and I am sitting here thinking about the past 4 days: CSUN 2012. A significant part of me is still simply processing all of the energy and love that CSUN 2012 delivered to my mental In Box, and this blog post is an attempt to capture some of that, get it written down, and share it back. It is likely not comprehensive nor complete, but it’s a start. While I saw some amazing things in the realm of research and innovations, I’m going to focus mostly on softer, but larger thoughts today.