Month: July 2014

[Photo: Medieval gauntlet]

July 31, 2014

Throwing Down The Gauntlet

I want to issue a challenge to a group of professionals, some who I know personally, and others only by reputation, but all that I respect and admire, and also with whom I share something in common. This post is directed to Jeffrey Zeldman – An Event Apart, John Allsopp – Web Directions, PPK (Peter Paul Koch) – Mobilism, Andy Budd & Jeremy Keith – dConstruct, and Doug Sheppers – W3Conf. And what we share in common is that we organize web conferences.

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July 4, 2014

Tech-no Thank-you

My brother Anthony is, well, a character. He’s lived in Yellowknife, NWT for over 30 years now, and he’s fairly famous in those parts. He builds a giant snow castle on Great Slave Lake each year, where for 19 years now he’s hosted the SnowKing Winter Festival (he, of course, is the Snow King), he organizes an annual pond regatta each summer, and, despite his rather gruff exterior, he is an extremely gifted, artistic man who has never abandoned the sheer joy of childhood. He is, and remains, a kid at heart.

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July 2, 2014

Readability and its Implications for Web Content Accessibility

One area of accessibility often overlooked is the readability of the content of your web pages. Not every user may be familiar with terms or terminology being used. Others may not have the same socio-political background, literacy skills or capacity to fully comprehend what it is you are saying. One goal of the content author then is to try and identify their target audience, and then ensures that they are not “writing over their heads”.

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