November 6, 2012

Be Careful How you Vote

Today is Election Day in the United States

“Be careful how you vote on election day, cuz one of these guy just might let us down” – Sunnyland Slim

This is NOT a post to try and convince you to vote one way or the other – that is a decision that you must make yourself, based upon your thoughts, beliefs and convictions. What this IS however is a plea to my US friends to get out and vote. It is appalling how few Americans exercise their vote, and the stakes and reasons for voting today could not be more important.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. So go – vote today, and exercise a right that too few people in the world even have. It is your right, your responsibility, and your duty.


[Album Cover: Just You And Me - Sunnyland Slim]

About this music track

If you’ve been here before, especially if it is because of my music ramblings posts, then you probably already know that I have a fairly large collection of music, and that the Blues is a genre of music that I am heavily into.

The list of people Sunnyland Slim played with reads like a Who’s Who of the Chicago Blues scene: Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter, Big Walter Horton, Jimmy Rogers, Snooky Prior, Hubert Sumlin, and more. His piano style was characterized by heavy basses or vamping chords in the left hand and tremolos with his right. However, while he played with and even mentored some of these better known names, he never quite achieve the same kind of fame that they did.

After recording for a number of smaller labels (including the Specialty, Hy-Tone, Aristocrat, and J.O.B. imprints), both as as an accompanist or backup for other blues-men, as well as leading his own bands, in 1973 he decided to take a more hands-on control of his recordings and started his own record label, Airway Records, for which he issued four long out-of-print albums. This track is taken from his 1981 Airway release, “Just You And Me”.

Sunnyland Slim was awarded a National Heritage Fellowship in 1988, and died from medical complications in Chicago in 1995, at the age of 88.

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