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HTML5 Video Accessibility

July 26, 2009

The most pressing Accessibility issue in HTML5 today? <video>

Over a wonderfully authentic Thai dinner the other night with my friend, Opera Web Evangelist and HTML5 Doctor Bruce Lawson, conversation naturally turned to the outstanding accessibility issues that still need to be addressed in HTML5. While we both agree that finding a solution for <canvas> is going to be both vexing and messy, I suggested to Bruce that completing the <video> element to properly address accessibility before Last Call (currently scheduled for October, 2009) was likely even more pressing. Here’s why

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Photo: XML Parsing error dialog

March 21, 2009


Recently I’ve come under attack (sometimes viscously and personally) for daring to suggest that “fail” when writing HTML5 should have catastrophic consequences. The most recent incident involves my exploration of what should constitute appropriate (and now mandatory) fallback content for the <canvas> element. Brushing aside the personal attacks by small and narrow minds, I’d like to explore and expand upon my position a bit further.

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