Web Standards: Yes please

February 8, 2010

Standard or Specification?

I believe what we have is a conflict of constituents.

What many people seem to be overlooking here is that we are writing more than just a Technical Specification for browser engineers, we are also writing a Standard, and I believe that the differences between the two is the major rub.

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January 10, 2010

Standards Are Not Just Stuff and Nonsense

Many organizations are themselves large, lumbering beasts, lacking the agility, flexibility and luxury to push the envelope and explore the fringes. The poor folk who work there instead have to rely on and comply to STANDARDS, not specifications that shift like sand in the desert, but codified, nailed down, no-way-but-this-way STANDARDS. Academia, Governance, heck even large Corporate sites all have to meet Standards requirements to conform to a slew of trivial things like laws, shareholders, marketing and branding, and a whole raft of things that talented and exciting boutiques get to challenge. Continue Reading Standards Are Not Just Stuff and Nonsense

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Balance scales weight valid HTML and non-valid HTML

October 7, 2009

Are We Still Arguing About Validation?

As someone who has been teaching HTML for over a decade, I have recollections of students (authoring in Notepad) in total panic because they forgot to close their </table>s, and thus Netscape 3 would deliver a blank page (Draconian error handling has a history too) – I also remember that they only made that mistake once, and never forgot it after that. Continue Reading Are We Still Arguing About Validation?

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August 4, 2009

Talismans, Active Listening, and a half-time show

First of all, I would like to suggest that today the @summary debate has digressed to something of a fight over a Talisman. Maybe that is in part my fault, and if so I will take the blame. I used that Talisman to force a dialog that has needed to happen for a very long time. Some people might find my tactics offensive, or childish, and others will remain trapped in arguing about what the data and research does or doesn’t say, does or doesn’t do, proves, disproves or concludes. You all need to just stop for a minute and take a deep breath. Continue Reading Talismans, Active Listening, and a half-time show

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HTML5 Video Accessibility

July 26, 2009

The most pressing Accessibility issue in HTML5 today? <video>

Over a wonderfully authentic Thai dinner the other night with my friend, Opera Web Evangelist and HTML5 Doctor Bruce Lawson, conversation naturally turned to the outstanding accessibility issues that still need to be addressed in HTML5. While we both agree that finding a solution for <canvas> is going to be both vexing and messy, I suggested to Bruce that completing the <video> element to properly address accessibility before Last Call (currently scheduled for October, 2009) was likely even more pressing. Here’s why Continue Reading The most pressing Accessibility issue in HTML5 today? <video>

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