December 12, 2015

The First Day of Christmas Music – 2015 Edition

The 12 Days of Christmas Music - 2015

Santa Claus Baby – The Voices

Photo: The Voices
The Voices were a Doo Wop style vocal group based out of Los Angeles. The cut a number of singles for Cash Records in 1955, including the Christmas themed Santa Claus Boogie / Santa Claus Baby (Cash 1016).

The Voices were Bobby Byrd (the Hollywood Flames) and tenor Earl Nelson and the bulk of their recordings were duets between Bobby and Earl, with Bobby allegedly overdubbing a third voice. While that’s probably true on some of the cuts, baritone Jules Castron is a third voice on some of them. Like many black vocal groups of that time (mid 1950’s), individual artists would move around a lot, and labels would invent new names whenever they could get a collection of artists together in the studio.

Cash Records was one of many labels created by John Dolphin, who also owned and operated Dolphin’s of Hollywood Record Shop in South L.A., most famously near the corner of Vernon and Central Ave. From the early 1950s to his death in 1958 (when he was shot in the store by a disgruntled song writer), he also operated a variety of local labels like Recorded In Hollywood, Lucky, Money and Cash.

Today, both Christmas tracks show up on numerous Christmas compilations, and original 45 singles can still be found for sale by collectors.

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