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December 17, 2015

The Sixth Day of Christmas Music – 2015 Edition

Jingle Bells – Blues Magoos

Photo: The Blues Magoos, inset 45 RPM picture sleeve Best known for their 1967 hit song “(We Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet”, the Blues Magoos were at the forefront of the psychedelic music trend, and their debut album Psychedelic Lollipop was one of the first records to contain the word “Psychedelic” on the sleeve.

“(We Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet” reached number 5 on the US charts, but subsequent releases by the band did not fair as well, and by 1968 the band was discouraged and they split up. Efforts to resuscitate the band a year later (after signing to ABC Records) failed, and eventually the band members went their separate ways.

Released as a single (Mercury 72762) in the fall of 1967 to capitalize on their current success, Jingle Bells also featuring the band’s psychedelic cover of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and a very strange cut, “Dante’s Inferno”. The track pops up on the occasional Christmas compilation, and copies of the 45 single (Jingle Bells / Santa Clause Is Coming To Town) are still circulating.

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