The Tenth Day Of Christmas Music – 2015 Edition

REM – Jesus Christ

I think that when REM released their first Christmas single in 1988 (a green vinyl 7-inch spotlighting their off-the-cuff version of “Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers”, backed by “See No Evil,” a song by Television), they thought it was nothing more than a lark.

But they continued to release these fan singles for many years; the singles were pressed on black vinyl in numbered runs of approximately 5000 and packaged in deluxe, custom-designed sleeves. As the series progressed, the band strayed far from their initial formula, performing fewer and fewer Christmas songs and switching to digital formats until the bamd broke up in 2011. Today most of these tracks have leaked onto the internet.

2002’s Jesus Christ is actually a softer side of REM, but thoughtful in the Micheal Stipe kind of way.

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