December 14, 2015

The Third Day of Christmas Music – 2015 Edition

The 12 Days of Christmas Music - 2015

We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Peter Green And The Men In Blue

Cover: I Got The Blues for Christmas NOT to be confused with the famous British blues-man (and founder of Fleetwood Mac) Peter Green, this New York-based outfit’s 1997 Christmas outing, I Got The Blues For Christmas
is mostly straightforward guitar-style blues in the vein of Gatemouth Brown, Albert Collins, or Stevie-Ray Vaughan. In his own words:

“I’d like you to take a little blues journey with me. We’ll follow Santa to places like Chicago, home of T. Bone Walker and Muddy Waters, Texas, home of Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mississippi, home to Mississippi John Hurt, Memphis home to B.B.King, and even Nashville, with its own country twist to the blues. So, grab an eggnog and crank up some tunes that will chase your Christmas Blues away.” – Peter Green

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