Album cover: Freddie King - Burglar

March 5, 2016

The weekend started with…

Album cover: Freddie King - BurglarSo this week I was struggling. I knew the track this week was going to be bluesy. Something funky, something guitar…

So this morning I went into the library to poke around, looking for inspiration. I contemplated a lot of artists: Son Seals? Filmore Slim? Then I remembered this one and, yep. This one.

Freddie King – Burglar.

Freddie King’s life in the blues is long and storied, and I’m a huge fan. By the time of this record in 1974 he was a revered blues-man among many of rock’s elite: Eric Clapton, Leon Russell, Led Zepplin, Grand Funk Railroad; King had been performing alongside all these big rock acts, doing the same stadium and festival gigs.

Burglar was King’s first release for RSO, but sadly also his last studio release; King died two years later in 1976, when he began suffering stomach ulcers. His health quickly deteriorated and he died on December 28 at the age of 42.

This is a stellar album, and there are a number of outstanding tracks to choose from, but I think my favorite has to be Sugar Sweet, a funky duet with Eric Clapton.

(And for those of you who think you’re not a fan of the blues, just give this 30 seconds… just 30…, then decide, OK?)

Sugar Sweet – Freddie King

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