The weekend starts with…

Cracker – Big Dipper

I’m a huge Cracker fan. From their eponymous debut in 1992, through to their departure from Virgin Records in 2003 (complete with their farewell track to Virgin, “Ain’t Gonna Suck Itself”), and beyond (they last released a record in 2014), David Lowrey, Johnny Hickman and friends have been turning out alt-rock with a twist. Best known for their hits “Euro-trash Girl” and “Low”, Cracker has always been a personal favorite, thanks to Lowrey’s quirky, often dark lyrics and Johnny Hickman’s tasty, country-influenced guitar-work.

I love this track for it’s wistful, melancholy feel, and for the lyric “Hey Jim Kerouac, Brother of the famous Jack, Or so he likes to say, lucky bastard” (I don’t really know why, but listen to the tune and see for yourself…), and it’s cinematic theme and finish.

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